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Hi all

Brand new member here :)

I've been reading the forums for a bit and finally, I'm the proud owner of a 2003 ESV Escalade. Its got a grey leather interior with mid row captains chairs set up. VERY comfortable! I've never seen one of these in Ireland so I may quite possibly be the only person in Ireland to own one of these vehicles!

The 6L engine gives a sweet note as well, very nice indeed.

I'll share a few more pics in due course but I have a query or two.

1st one is that there was no manual for the car....I can't seem to find one in a search - does anybody know where I could find/buy/download the correct manual for this car?

The other query is that there is no stereo. I'm guessing the previous owner had an aftermarket stereo fitted and them removed it. I'm aware that I'll need the following items:

(i) retain steering wheel control
(ii) ISO connector to connect the cadillac to a more modern stereo

What are these parts called and can I get them on ebay? (as I need them posted to Ireland)

I seen a youtube video of a Chevy truck installing a Atoto A6 pro which is exactly the headunit I want to buy. I thought I had hit the jackpot finding this video, but then at the very end, he said its not compatible with Bose systems. My Escalade has Bose speakers - does that mean I need to look at different solutions. I'm quite confused by the whole thing and thinking that I might need to buy an amp as well. Or maybe, just use the internal amp of the headunit?

I'm hoping that some members on here will have fitted an aftermarket headunit and point me in the right direction!

Meanwhile - here is a pic of my Cadillac :)


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Owners manual free download from Cadillac. Shop service manual from eBay

Nice looking ride.

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For the radio, I can help you out because I recently had one installed. Go on amazon or ebay and look for Metra GMOS-04, its the wiring harness. If you want steering wheel controls you will need Metra ASWC-1. GMOS-04 comes prewired for steering wheel controls so its easy to wire.

He was talking about different version amps that were installed in GM vehicles. They came with a “Premium” and “Luxury” amp. Look at the glovebox codes and look for UQ7(Premium) and Y91 or Y92(Lux)
There is 2 wiring harnesses depending on which amp you have but people report Pac audio to give a hiss regardless of amp version.

With this sort of install you’ll need a blue/white wire to start up the amp when you turn on the radio. GMOS-04 comes with it. Connect it or you wont hear sound to your speakers when you finish the install as the system works with the amp.

Important note, pull out the amp fuse before removing the radio or you will have a short and need to replace the amp. Reconnect it after the install is finished.

Need anymore help, let me know, good luck ??
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