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Thanks for the welcome!

I've had the Barge for about 4 years now. It had set at my late mom's old-folks home for 10 years and was hardly used. When my mom gave it to me, I had the brakes and A/C repaired and changed all of the underhood rubber parts. It also needed a tailpipe, dropping the one it had soon after I got it. The shop put a Caprice pipe without the resonator on the back, which suited me fine. In the time since then, I've been able to make a few more changes to suit my needs.

After my wife went off the road on a rainy day, she asked the tire dealer what the deepest tread tires were that we could get. Now it has white letter SUV Michelins. :)

When my mother-in-law passed away, we were given 2 weeks by the landloard to clean out her apartment 500 miles away. To make it possible, the Barge got a class 3 hitch and Cargo Coil rear springs. The same springs are used on Brink's Armored Trucks, I am told. :) :)

My family of four (two teens included) wanted to take a driving vacation to the beach for vacation. To fit all of the "must take" stuff, I got a 4-bycycle rack to mount to the hitch, remounted the spare tire in the front corner of the trunk (to make room for large suitcases) and adapted a roof rack intended for a Chevy Caprice Classic to the trunk lid. I protected the paint with a large piece of magnetic sign material, and installed a softsider bag on the rack. The trip went perfectly! :) :) :)

When my wife bought a new Prius (4 times the milage) the Barge needed to spend its nights in the driveway. A Covercraft car cover followed soon after to keep leaves and other crud out of the openings. That cover is one of the BEST investments yet! ;)

My goal for spring is to replace the broken power antenna. I am getting tired of the 1 station I can still receive without it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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