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Hi all,
I am in the process of buying my first Caddy.
'95 DeVille
63,000 miles
Imacculate shape
All the options
4.9L ? Non-NorthStar
I know the owner and it's been babied.

Is this car rear wheel drive?

What are some things I should watch for? The current owner runs reg. unleaded instead of Premium. Is this wise?
I'm only 33 and my wife thinks we're too young for "grandma's car"
What do you think?
I just want a dependable car and I came across this, I don't think I can go wrong.

Any comments?

I look forward to future discussions here.


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Hello..... And welcome aboard!! Thanks for singing up :wave:

I thought the 4.9 stopped being in the devilles in 94...... Oh well....

The 4.9 is one of the most reliable engines cadillac has made....... You should ALWAYS run premium if it says, but if its not knocking then no harm done, but if you dont run premuim, your just asking for trouble......

This car is FWD, and your not too young....... There's people on here much younger than you driving around in these!!!

This is a luxuary car, and retailed for like 45k back in 95....... No matter the cost you bought it for now, its still gonna need more attention than most other cars...... If all your looking for is reliable transportation, to get you from pt. a to pt. b, this isnt the car for you.... It will probably give you some troubles, and it wil cost some money to maintain properly...... If you accept that, then your golden, and you have found a great deal, and I say go for it!!!

If all you want is a car that wont give you any troubles, look into something else, like a nissan maxima or something along those lines!!!

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Welcome aboard, ScottyB! And thank you for signing up! As with any luxury vehicle, there will be some maintenance involved. It'll cost a little more than your average car - then again, it's not your average car! It's a Cadillac! The 4.9 is a good, reliable engine - but when you buy a high-tech vehicle, high-tech things eventually need replacing. I don't think it'll be very expensive to maintain the DeVille.
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