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2015 Cadillac SRX
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I'm new to Cadillac and new to the forums and wanted to say hello to all. I picked up a 2015 SRX on Monday and so far, it is phenomenal. What a buttery smooth ride.

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I look forward to reaching through some past posts and catching up with all the goings on. So far, very impressed with Cadillac and the dealership. Coming from a maintenance prone vehicle that shall remain nameless - (cough - ok, it was a German one...) I look forward to much better luck going forward.


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2008 CTS4 DI - EU version
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I saw one of those in one of the two official shops in the country, the one I decided would be used to service my potential car. I must say I'm rather envious, heh.

Welcome, too, if I may say.
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