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new tire player for the CTS-V????

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I researched all tire options for the V before taking it to the shop. I was after the Bridgestone RE01R that was discussed on here. Well...there was a back-order situation w/ those so I went w/ the Toyo Proxes 4 in 245/45-18.

Toyos are built in my county (Bartow County, GA) so I'm partial to them anyway. I'm new to CTS-Vs but not at all new to tires. These Toyos perform better than any street tire I've owned (including Bridgestone Pole Positions, BFG KDs and KDWs, Kumhos, Goodyear F1s, and Yok's). The V is balanced a bit different (reads: better) than my f-body cars, which may explained the better grip, but regardless this tire grips like a nitto DR and corners w/ the best of them.

Keep in mind I've not had it on the road course yet...but have pushed them on the street and am very impressed. If it matters...even w/o TC engages it just barks 2nd and out of control spins. I have not dumped the clutch however. your shopping just know they are great tires and another option at $800ish installed. I hadn't heard anyone using these before now on a V.
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CTS-VR runs Toyo Proxes...
Toyo Proxes RA-1 275/35ZR18; 335/30ZR18 tires
Hey, whatever floats your boat. But I wouldn't run the Proxes 4s. RA-1s? Yes.
Everyday and all weather - Yoko Advans (price is right and good in rain)

Track - F1 Supercars (great dry track grip)
I guess my boats a' floating. If I get more competitive w/ driving I'll certainly put something else on there.
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