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New supercharger issues

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I am going to be getting a new supercharger next week -- per the "rattle" special attention notice. GM is covering it, since they deem I have the "rattle" -- so that's good I suppose. --- I was just wondering if anybody who has had this done has had any problems with the process or with the new supercharger? -- and will I notice any difference in how it performs/drives, etc? -- Thanks
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No change unless your blower was worn out. You might hear a different noise. Some do some don't. I believe the spring isolator was designed to reduce gear whine so you might hear some of that. I noticed no noise differences other than the lack of the marbles in the blower sound. But my car is also a lot louder than stock.
Don't forget they get paid for warranty work :) If they are win.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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