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New STS front springs, uprated not lowered??

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after 192k miles my front suspension is almost shot. i can get replacement electronic shocks from monro (cheaper than delco units) but i'm having a hard time finding a set of front springs other than stock replacements.

ideally i'd like to increase the spring rating to make the car stiffer but i do not want to lower the car at all.

so does anyone know of a supplier of heavy duty standard height front springs?
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^^^ Not sure how much you know about all this, but I just spent some time trying to understand the rear shocks/suspension on my 97 STS, and I learned a little bit about the fronts during the process.

The front struts on the STS and SLS have different part numbers, presumably because SLS is "soft ride" suspension stiffness (FE1), whereas STS is "sports ride" (FE3). Along these lines, there may also be different associated spring stiffness for FE1 versus FE3, and with a MacPherson strut such as on the Sevilles, altering the spring stiffness on their rather complicated computer controlled suspensions strikes me as having the potential to get dicey.

Just a heads up.
i did know that the 2 models had slightly different suspension ratings but i was kinda hoping that i could buy a slightly stiffer spring than the stock STS unit.
i suppose the problem is that traditionally Cadillac have always fitted very soft suspension, the STS was always a soft ride compared to a Merc or Beemer.
the large front overhang doesn't help and i often ground the front subframe. locally we have a set of speed bumps, the STS has to go over them at a paltry 15mph but my $600 renault beater can take them at 40 without grounding.
Yeah I'm not saying stiffer springs can't be done, but having done some work on aspects of both the front and rear suspensions, I'd be dubious about different springs.

For example, how would the back react to stiffer springs in front? I could image some weird rocking taking place. If all four springs were stiffened, how would they react with the shock viscosities. You might go from a somewhat refined soft ride to a stiffer but overall crappier ride.

In my case, when I temporarily disabled the rear air-leveling, the car started "fishtailing" over bumps.

Just a heads up.

If you do decide to try some different springs though, I hope you'll post and let everyone know how it went, good or bad.
In the days of paper catalogs they would give dimensions of many parts. Springs was one of them. You could get an idea the free height and rate of various springs. Possibly you could find this info. I do not have it but it is probably available to someone with dealer access to the moog or some other supplier's web site.

I ran across this site, it doesn't have Caddy springs but the chart gives you an idea.
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