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2018 Escalade Premium Luxury
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It took a year, but FINALLY it's done.

Mixed feelings-

The good:
Arnott gets my vote for good customer service and quality stuff. Shipping was quick too. 100% good experience, $800.00 for everything (parts only), 4 struts, front mounts and the rear rubber donuts and UPS ground.

My mechanic had to torch off the bolts, so it was a good thing I got the rubber pieces. They was toast. I also needed front rotors and pads, and the links were replaced as well. Total for that was $850.00 including labor.

No NEW suspension codes at all.

Wheel alignment on Mon, about $75.00

The great
That nasty front end clunk is GONE. One of the struts was so dead (right front) you could play it like an accordian.

The not-so-good
The car rides a little rough, I was told that was to be expected for the first few hundred miles (yes?). They it smooths out and floats alot better. Hope so. I felt lines in the pavement on the highway in the steering wheel.

The bad :(
I thought the existing code would go away, RSS C1761 CURRENT. That has been there for a while. I thought with the new struts the RSS would be "dead", but the DIC would think it was still there. Should the code still be current, and come back after cleared? Did I miss something?

The mechanic said there was a rod in the front, looked like a leveling rod or something. That was disconnected when he got there, and he left it alone for now. Could that throw this code?

Will my car start to float like it was when new? I can't believe the difference in the ride between the 98 and 01 devilles, The later is like driving a pillow.

TY for any input, wish me luck.
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