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New SRX Commercial

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Just saw the new SRX commercial. Summer morning. White bread suburb. McMansion-sized kitchen. Standard number of children. Wife, a professional, driving black SRX with suited husband and kids as passengers. Shots of SRX interior.

Message: If you are in this demographic or aspire to be, you would maybe drive this car. Almost nothing was conveyed about the actual automobile.

I hope GM did market research before before selecting the black SRX. The black SRX, I think, is quite different than the silver, white, grey, etc.

Thankfully, gone is the middle-aged woman driving alone through the hills in her SRX as recreation or an escape. (Yea, right.) But the pitch is directly to women -- professional women who can afford an XC90, Q7, etc.

Bottom line for existing SRX owners: It's a good thing that GM is spending money advertising the SRX.
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