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New sound system!

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I have a 2005 Black cadillac CTS. I mean the sound system stock sounds decent, but I kind of would like a little more bass to it. :yup:

I want to get 1 12'' Alpine Type X. But I don't know what kind of amp I should get it, and what amp kit I need. I don't know much about car audio, but all I know is I ONLY want 1 sub.

My other question is...What size speakers come in the 2005 CTS? I know speakers go in sizes like 6'' X 9'' or like 5.25'' etc, but what size are in a CTS?

Let me know!! :thumbsup:
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I got 2 type x 10" subs, they max out at 3000w so one sub is fine.
You should power it with 2000 watts if you want it to sound right, any less doesn't sound good.
it's deep though, really deep - Needs a big box, so if you want one sub to make it look subtle in your trunk, wrong sub.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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