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2014 Cadillac CTS VSport
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odysseus said:
It's called a A/C condenser seal in the GM parts computer. PN 15242081. It runs about $35 at GMPD. It fit's all CTS's since it simply snaps in place on top of the grill. It has two extra holes where push-pins go on the V grill. I ended up drilling them into the top plastic part of my stock CTS grill and put the push-pins in for a more secure fit.

Overall its a very nice upgrade to clean up under the hood. I can't believe that Cadillac put that flimsy rubber one on our CTSs at the factory.
My battery died today and I had to open the hood to get it jumped. While looking at the rubber piece that you are talking about I agree that it looks flimsy and I just ordered the new one. Thanks for posting the part number. :thumbsup:
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