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2005 CTS 3.6 Navigation in Blue
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Took my 05 CTS into the dealer last week for few problems. Paint flaking on the nav buttons passenger seat rocking a little and driver seat shifting a bit. Also thought i ahd a front passenger wheel bearing out that was going wah wah wah wah, and the rear end was whining too under part throttle. They told me the front bearing was the tires and said the same thing about the rear end. I told them I knew the rear wasnt tires that if it was it would be a continuous whine and you wouldnt be able to make it come back and go away by feathering the throttle blah blah blah. They wouldnt budge. SO i said screw it and bought 4 new tires and took it back 2 days later. Front bbearing noise, gone. it was the front right tire. After looking at it off the car i can see its cupped badly and was shot. The rear end however was whining terribly and even easier to hear now. Service just called and they are putting a new differential in for me on Friday. 500 miles left on the warranty too. Cash money

They also replaced the nav with a new unit (just for scratched buttons?) retarded if you ask me but why not if it doesnt cost anything.

also getting a new passenger seat track
they are tightening the bolts on the driver seat since they said they were loose.

Cliff notes
DEALER said it wasnt rear end
I said it was

I win, free rear end
also have 3 Goodyear RSA tires with decent tread left now for sale
8 6 and 5 32nds by my measure. anyone make me an offer on them. You can have the 4th free if you want it but in my oppinion its bad.
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