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I just bought a 94 Eldorado this year knowing the Northstar was going to be an issue. I want to keep the old car because it’s so nice and you rarely see them on the road anymore. I took it to a mechanic to have the a/c charged and they said that blown head gaskets might be an issue in the near future. I called around most of the day and no mechanic in my area will work on the Northstar, but a Marine buddy of mine told me about swapping an LS4 out of an Impala SS might work since they’re both FWD. How hard would that be given the gap in years on both cars? I’d hate to toss a nice car because I can’t fix it.

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The 1994 Northstar won't be a problem for head gaskets (head bolt threads pulled out of the block) so much as plain ol' parts availability for the engine and car itself. The car is now almost 28 model years old.

Look through the poll and thread on Northstar head gasket failures in the stickies in the Engines; Northstar forum. 1998 - 1999 were the worst years for the thread failure problems.

Also, study this - written by a CF member who was a GM/Northstar System powertrain engineer -

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