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Hi I have recently acquired a beautiful 2001 Catera Sport. I have always liked various models of the Opel family, GT, Manta A, Manta B, Calibra Turbo 4X4, Lotus Omega and Omega B. Unfortunately most of them are not available in north America.
Long story short: Other then the shitty sub 4000rpm power I am very pleased with my 2001 Omega Sport... I mean Catera.:eek:

Here is a small digital camera video clip I took in the first week of owning the car:
Unfortunately the speed limiter kicked in shortly after @130mph 5000rpm.

I am very eager to attempt some custom stainless headers, the only draw back is that this is my Daily Driver and down time longer then the weekend is not possible.
A friend of mine has recently purchased a set of used heads, so maybe I’ll be able to get a flange created in the near future.
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Is that in MPH? And if so how did you get past the speed limiter. And oh yea nice Catera.
Welcome to the forums :welcome:

Another Opel fan! :cool2: Thats a nice blk/blk Catera sport there.

The speedometer shot there was in KM/H. And as he said above, he hit about 130mph.

Interesting vid though, wish the music wasnt playing in the background...

Definitely keep us posted about the headers and if any progress is made there!
200 mph would be nice but I think you’d need at least 500hp for that. :)
Sorry about the music, traffic just cleared up and I went for it. One of these days I’ll get a camcorder and film a little more without music and during the day :)
I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on the headers and other performance improvements I attempt.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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