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2001 Cadillac DeVille
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Hello everyone! New to the forums and new to the world of 'lac ownership! :yup:

Just got a '01 Base Deville (would kill for a sunroof and memory seats..but i'm happy nevertheless)

I will post pics real soon, but someone here has the exact same color as mine.

I don't really plan on doing a whole lot to it. The car looks on point the way it is. I may put some woofers in it. Not sure what size. I don't want a rattling trunk. Does anyone know the price to have the trunk insulated? I used to have a concorde with 15's in there and I sorely miss the vibrating back massage..LOL

anywho, i'm just logging in to say hello

BTW, When I turn the ignition, i hear a humming in the back for about 2-4 seconds..What in the world is that?!?

Thanks in advance.
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