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New owner of 2000 SLS. Thx for the welcome

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2nd owner of Crimson Pearl SLS. 99,500 miles at time of purchase. Local Atty. purchased, DROVE, and traded.
-Dealer "punch list" items included center a/c vents, a/c control unit for rear seat (arm rest), shake/vibration @ 70 mph.
-"Issues" found within 1 week of possession include:
-right front strut leaking
-left front strut beginning to leak
-caster and camber off just a bit
-Check Engine Light on @ 100,130
-P0340 Code (Cam Position Sensor)
-P0341 Code (Cam Position Sensor Performance)

Love the car! The style, the ride, the power! Waiting on performance upgrades availability.

Should I be expecting any surprise (oxy-moron) issues with this vehicle?

Any comments, opinions, suggestions are appreciated and taken constructively. Especially since this is my first Cadillac and first Northstar.

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Gary, welcome to the CadillacForums! An Air Force man, eh? Excellent. Yep, the late model SLS's are awesome to drive, but as you've experienced they do require maintenence and repair. Is the dealer covering all of your issues so far?

There are plenty of knowledgeable, experienced people here to give you advice if need be.
...........Is the dealer covering all of your issues so far?

The dealer was just willing to do the small stuff. When I approached the sales manager with the leaking struts....
(pause) I work at Sears Auto Center part time. Had tires balanced and alignment checked. One of our mech's found the struts......
(play) ....the initial reaction to my telling them that this is what I had discovered, was "Are struts for it expensive?" When I said that I had checked price and found out that struts are $742 EACH. He then replied, "I don't have another $1500 to put into the car." and then added "Do you want to do anything about this? Because, if I tell the service dept. that they didn't find this, they will deny it ...." (you see where this was going) About this time I just left it at that not to get into a P!**ing contest.
The dealership's general manager called me and said he wanted to have 'his' mechanic look at the car not a Sears mech. Understandable to me, no arguement here. They then decided that the pass. side strut "is leaking a bit, but really didn't need to be changed but they would do it anyway" and the drivers side wasn't bad enough to warrant changing. I agreed to that also. Drivers side was just moist with oil and dust, pass. side was wet. They have the car for the work needed.
As of today (Sunday) I haven't heard from them yet. Had to order struts.

Thanks for your concern and I am looking forward to any insight from this forum's members.

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Welcome :wave: thanks for signing up.....

I assume your factory warranty is almost up...... In any case, I STRONGLY suggest you get an aftermarket warrnaty.... These can be extremely painful to the pocketbook.......
Welcome Gary! Nice choice for your first Caddy! :D Thanks for signing up! Hang on & enjoy the rideeeeeeeeee.............

To The World of Cadillac Owners > Your Ride has High Mileage for a 2000 >Alot will depend on the previous owners "Maintanence schedule" Do you have any service records for the car? :spin:
Welcome aboard, Gary! Thank you for signing up!
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