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New owner of 2000 Catera

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Hey guys. From the title you can tell I am a new owner of a 2000 Catera, actually first ever Caddy. and I have to say I love it. Don,t think I will get another car. Next car will be the CTS. I do have one question though, Does anybody know of a good way to keep the leather looking good? What kind of products to use to clean and or protect and keep the leather soft? My car also when I bought it used did not come with an owners manual. Can the bose system be adapted to XM radio? I just ordered a manual on cd from ebay till then any help would be great. One more question, can the climate control be changed from fahreneit to Celcius? Thanks in advance.
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I dont know much about leather care,but on Bose system you can connect those two with a FM transmiter and if you hold down the auto button on the driver side for five seconds it will switch it to C or F or otherwise.
Thank very much for the info.

They make the best products for your leather. I have been using the cleaner
and rejuvenator on several cars and the results are excellent.
By the way, thank goodness the Catera is not a Cadillac. It's just a rebadged
German Opel Omega.
Best regards
Try this site. I got the complete 1998 catera manual. It has the 2000 listed and it's free.
Thanks for the info on changing from celcius to farenheit! My display accidently go changed to celcius and I had looked all through the manuals and couldn't find out how to do it.
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