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New owner (CTS-2007 sedan)

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Hi all;

I recently purchased a 2007 CTS 3.6L used near Quebec City. Car runs GREAT!! and I really am starting to like this car!! Its comming to the end of the warranty (May 24, 2011) and I was wondering where CTS owners take their can in for service ( warranty or other work) in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Oil is at 14% so I have to find a good dealer ( service dept) in the next few days to maybe get this ready to schedule. Just wondering what type of final inspection they do before the end of the warranty, I heard that some dealers check everything, even the brakes to make sure they are good. I understand that they check because since its under warranty, Cadillac pays for everything!!
Also, I heard that there is a possible recall for the brake lines on 2003 to 2007 CTS's, is this true??

Any advise and/or direction would be appreciated.

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Recall for the brake lines should of been done a year ago, but simply going to your dealer and have them check on it should tell you. There was also a recall for the "butt sensor" in the passenger seat, basically tells the car that someone is in the seat for the air bag. And since you have an 07, there was also another recall for the Oil Life Management system. Basically, they are gonna reduce the miles driven on the car, so your 14% that it's currently at, will be 1 or 2% after the "fix".

If you are mechanically inclined, changing your own oil is pretty simple on this car. And way cheaper. I won't give great details unless you are inclined to do the work yourself.

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