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New owner (CTS-2007 sedan)

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Hi all;

I recently purchased a 2007 CTS 3.6L used near Quebec City. Car runs GREAT!! and I really am starting to like this car!! Its comming to the end of the warranty (May 24, 2011) and I was wondering where CTS owners take their can in for service ( warranty or other work) in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Oil is at 14% so I have to find a good dealer ( service dept) in the next few days to maybe get this ready to schedule. Just wondering what type of final inspection they do before the end of the warranty, I heard that some dealers check everything, even the brakes to make sure they are good. I understand that they check because since its under warranty, Cadillac pays for everything!!
Also, I heard that there is a possible recall for the brake lines on 2003 to 2007 CTS's, is this true??

Any advise and/or direction would be appreciated.

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For almost $8/quart plus the filter at the auto parts store it is within reason for me to take the car to the dealer for $66. Saves me time and I don't have to jack it up and crawl underneath it just for an oil change.

Welcome aboard! You'll love this car, I have already fallen in love all over again, but I will get another Seville STS someday....
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