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New mods to come...

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Well the HIDs are in...low beams and fogs 8000k..Leds are in also...
blew one out already...replaced it today...painted my calipers silver
like Jon did on his CTS..clean look in my opinion...still debating
the brembo decals in black..didn't paint the rotors though...since
I need new brake pads I am heavily contemplating the UUC rotors...
.and finally I installed the ultimate pedals step is the
rocker panels... the weather has been horrible down here...give me a
day or so and the pics will be up...
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congrats on the install ... dont listen to those PUNKS trying to bust ur balls, they're just mad, (they want to be champions ;))

congrats on the install dan
did you do them yourself?
hope to see pictures soon
the HIDs were installed at a shop..I painted the
calipers and put in the pedals at a buddies house
with his tools....drilling in to our steel brake pedal
was a mission....screwed up a bit or two doing it...
but they came out great....not as high an impact mod
I though it would be but the dead foot pedal is very
noticeable....I was ruining my black rug down there
with my big foot...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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