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Hey guys!

New member from Michigan here.

Just bought a 04 SRX V6 AWD. That thing is just beautiful. This place looks pretty cool. I'm sure i will have some questions for you guys.

Well nice to meet you all! :thumbsup:
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:thumbsup: Welcome to the forum. Your gonna have a good time here trust me.:alchi: :welcome: (Ha ha, I beat you RT):highfive:
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Dang it, Al!!

And :welcome5: Snow Thrower!! Pics of the new Caddy!!
:welcome: and congratulations on the new Cadi. :wave:


Hello wellcome!!!
And I think it's best place to say "I'm also a new member on this 06-17-07"
I' m from Germany. Please, excuses if my text often mistake has. Sometimes I use software for the translation. Mostly I write from the recollection and then often there come mistakes. I hope you understand me, nevertheless.
I have a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham de Elegance from 77 since 1993. I own the car as real Taxi the 14 jears. In 1993 as I bougt the car is was very wron. The paint,chrom and vinyltop must new. Original it was demitasse brown metallic with ligt buckskin vinyl roof. I rebuild the car and is must be in german's near the original naples yello...more light. In 2000 I do a 2. rebuild. 7 jears and 215'000 ml do same wron. All the rest you see on my pics here
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