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Hi Gentlemen!
My name is Vladimir. I'm from Moscow, Russia
Sorry my bad english, first.
So glad to find and join your incredible site!
I drive ETC 1994 for a month. The best car I've ever owned!
There are 12 or less Eldorados in Moscow, but there is no problem with repairing american cars.
ETC was my dream of life and now it's come true!
I wanna know everything about this car coz i want to live my life with her till the end...
It's very expensive to bring the car from USA with 4.6 or 4.9 engine.(4.2 dollars for 1cm3 and plus shipping over 3.7k!= 24.300$ + car price in USA~5k=29.300$ for Cadillac 92-97yrs)
And thanks to God, i found this beauty in Moscow!
I can do everything myself without electric part.
Thank you all! I've learn too many usefull things from you!
see ya!
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hi Vladimir :)
A ETC in Moscow eh? WOW!
the technical archive is here
and search works well too, if you are looking for a certain thing

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:welcome: and congratulations on your "new" car. Hope we can help you keep her the pride of Moscow.
Welcome the the Forums, Vladimir! You have a fabulous car in your ETC. Enjoy, and happy motoring!

Rare in Moscow! Cool and welcome, friend! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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