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Hi ya`ll, new texas member, just bought the wife a new 2007 cts, reading and learning from ya`ll will be fun, and I hope my questions are not too stupid. riche
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:welcome: Riche. Be sure to check out the CTS forums too. :D
IBG! Welcome, nouveau Riche!
:welcome5: to the forum. Enjoy your new CTS.
Welcome! Post picts of the CTS when you get a chance! :D
WOW!!! :thumbsup: Picked-up new 2007 cts saturday, have been on this site doing alot of reading and am overwhelmed by what can be modified on this vehicle.
In the shop today getting tint-windows. Next is stainless tail pipe tips, I`ll do some shopping for the tail-pipe tips, any suggestions?
The wife wants a ome wing, I`ll need some help on this one ya`ll, color is white-diamond. Thanks, riche:
Welcome !
Good to hear you're satisfied with your ride
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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