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New member say hi and have some questions

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Hi folks.
i purhcased 2010 Escalade about 2 weeks ago and this car is awesome.
but i have a few queststions. i used to drive japanese cars and europian cars.
when i got my new baby, i noticed that my exhaust pipe got rusted. and i wend under and found out more rusts pieces. please see my undercarriage pics.
is this normal? i purchased new. obviously the car was sitting on a parking lot for a year w/ out any care. will this be a big problem later on?
oh. and lots of rail rust too. XD


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You bought a new vechicle which is under warranty, take it back to your dealer and address your concerns....rust is a sign of wear and tear (or subject to elements i.e. rain/snow/salt) so if I bought a new vehicle I wouldn't expect to see any rust....was your vehicle a demo? How many miles/kms was noted on sale which should determine how long it sat on the lot, whats the manufactured date, to me new means under 200 miles....was it treated with rust proof....
As a consumer purchasing " anything " complete your due your homework, in this case view all aspects of your vehicle before you purchase it...test drive, look under the body, under the hood, check all electrical items, dealer maintenance records if available, review forums for items to pay attention to, if used get reviewed by an independent mechanic....there are lemons in every industry in the case of a new vehicle...once it's ours preventative maintenance is the best option you have to keep it running like new...when you buy a pricey truck be prepared to afford it, if not, there are always Honda Civics out there
Only 8 miles WOW!!!!!!.....odd, I would be fuming....dealers here don't usually keep many Escalades on the lot very various reasons i.e cost effectiveness and maintenance (like your outcome), I only see a few, the showroom demo, the shuttle, the test drive demo and few on the lot for sale, others are ordered....does your dealer keep a lot of Escalades on the lot? was yours GM stored in a cold climate lot prior to delivery....I think you have a strong agrument, wish you luck...keep us posted.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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