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New member say hi and have some questions

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Hi folks.
i purhcased 2010 Escalade about 2 weeks ago and this car is awesome.
but i have a few queststions. i used to drive japanese cars and europian cars.
when i got my new baby, i noticed that my exhaust pipe got rusted. and i wend under and found out more rusts pieces. please see my undercarriage pics.
is this normal? i purchased new. obviously the car was sitting on a parking lot for a year w/ out any care. will this be a big problem later on?
oh. and lots of rail rust too. XD


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My two 2010's have a wax type coating under the truck, the only things on my trucks showing any light rust are the drive shafts, and the brake backing plates because they are not coated, and they are just iron. My trucks live inside when they are not being used, this makes a huge difference in terms of rust, I know this looking at my neighbors 2009 Escalade that lives outside, I work on his truck, and he even commented that his truck looked 10 years old. Look on the drivers door sticker and that will tell you when it was built. Also I have seen the last two years that the brine solution they put on our roads before the snow seems to be causing more damage to cars/trucks than ever before, chrome peeling off what seems to be well chromed parts, premature rusting on body panels, of course it could just be the lowest bidder making the parts too.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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