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New member say hi and have some questions

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Hi folks.
i purhcased 2010 Escalade about 2 weeks ago and this car is awesome.
but i have a few queststions. i used to drive japanese cars and europian cars.
when i got my new baby, i noticed that my exhaust pipe got rusted. and i wend under and found out more rusts pieces. please see my undercarriage pics.
is this normal? i purchased new. obviously the car was sitting on a parking lot for a year w/ out any care. will this be a big problem later on?
oh. and lots of rail rust too. XD


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Thank you all for replies.
i'll visit my dealer and tell my service advisor (who is really kind and straight forward).
to address some of your guestions, it had only 8 miles on the vehicle when i purchased it. so i guess "sitting" on a parking lot for a year really caused it. if ppl test drive the vehicle, (I think) it would have less.

and yes i think i didn't do my "due diligence". i checked all such as "electronics", "test drive" interior" "any unusual noise" and etc. except i forgot to check undercarriage. It was sold to me as "new". to be honeset, i never thought a year old "new" woudl have any rust. for next time, i'll def. check it out before i sign the paper.

Thank you all for your kind suggestions and opinions. i'll go talk to my dealer and see what we can do. =)

i totally agree with 2007caddy. every industry has lemon.
Thank you 2007caddy and hcvone.
i went to the dealer and my service advisor said it's normal.
well i guess i have to live w/ it. mine was built 6/10. so it's only 8 months old.
except the drive shaft and brake backing plates, everything is clean.
i did mentioned about rail dust and my sales person told me to bring it in anyday and he'll take care of it.
so comfy ride i love it!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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