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New member say hi and have some questions

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Hi folks.
i purhcased 2010 Escalade about 2 weeks ago and this car is awesome.
but i have a few queststions. i used to drive japanese cars and europian cars.
when i got my new baby, i noticed that my exhaust pipe got rusted. and i wend under and found out more rusts pieces. please see my undercarriage pics.
is this normal? i purchased new. obviously the car was sitting on a parking lot for a year w/ out any care. will this be a big problem later on?
oh. and lots of rail rust too. XD


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I have a 2010 as well and when I logged on I saw your topic and decided to look under mine, there is minimal rust under mine. Not nearly as much as in your photos. It is not normal, especially for a 2010. However it is normal for gm trucks. If you are leasing it don't worry too much but if you are buying it then you may want to see what they can do about it. I'm dissapointed about mine but I stopped worrying so much because I am going to try to get out of this vehicle as soon as I can. But financially I cannot afford it so I will be some time for me to get into another vehicle.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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