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Wooooohooooo....finally I made it in here, i must had screwed up my original registration, and couldn't post, send pm's etc. But I was able to read a lot. So hopefully I can learn from you guys and help others learn from me.

I own an automotive accssory business so I am familiar with the industry, and learn fast when it comes to vehichles due to my previous experience.. Hence, I am not afraid to do any mechanical work on my own, maybe once I am here long enough we exchange contacts, and find ways to get new and used parts at good prices together.

Anyway, just this past tuesday I bought my first cadillac, a 1994 cadillac eldorado. The etc version with the 9 in the vin number as opposed to the y. The tranny is the 4t80-E. The car also is fully loaded with tan leather and, and has a sunroof. The cars exterior colour is dark green.

Most importantly was the deal I got on the car....I paid 1,000 dollars cdn and because I own the accessory business I also am handing over a new fibreglass tonno cover in payment. So about 1800cdn in total I am paying out. I'm so excited....since right now I drive a 2001 cavalier done up like a fast and furious car. But since I have a new baby girl, Ive been meaning to buy a safer car for driving her around in, especially in the winter time.

The things that need to be fixed, is a crack in the front bumper from the previous owner hitting a trailor hitch (not much damage though) and the middle piece of chrome trim is missing, 2 front struts, a new regulator for the driver side window motor, the antenna doesn't go down and needs to be fixed, and some new rubber.
I think I did ok, but we'll see what happens when we do an e-test.
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