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New member and owner, 02 EXT

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Hi everyone, Ive been lurking for about a month since I got an 02 ext pewter for my 30th birthday. I knew going in it would be a little bit of a fixer upper, but comparing other trucks in my budget it was the winner.

Came with 4 12' subs in the back!! Had to get those out asap and find a midgate. Got one for $100 bucks about an hour north of Grand Rapids, MI and comparing what I was seeing at the time it was a winner. Learning slowly but surely you have to look around because obviously a local pick-a-part junkyard had a few avalanches I coulda saved a few bucks on. Live and learn.

Before I get into a little here-and-theres about what i will need help with (searches can bring you a lot, i know and I've been looking) is there anything I need to look out for as far as places to avoid?

Ok, so on with my introduction...142k, service stability system on (both rear suspension bags were shredded, so i went back to the same junk yard and had them order 2 denali shocks with airride) short story, replacement used one is leaking so I need to return it and either convert to a passive system, or you tell me. Ive been reading a lot about this and it seems there are multiple options, arnott, bilstein monroe...i hate to be a newb but if someone has a few minutes to help me understand a little more about the different ones (not so much how they handle, but specifics about whats involved and what i would need to look for with each option) I suppose my more direct question is if i use the monroe conversion kit i saw online on ebay, would it a) work b) continue giving me the code and c) even be worth doing monroe's and choose some other option.

The rear backup sensor furthest on drivers side is broken? looks like its cocked in and zip tied to the frame under bumper, simple fix maybe or rewire needed. Not as big an issue, but someday down the line i would want that to work

passanger side mirror must have broken and was replaced with a non-power folding mirror, boooo....i knew those are about a hundred each, fun fun.

mileage, i am getting about 16 with 80% highway and 20% city, ive seen better and worse so no complaints there to be honest.

Tires, i know I will be in the market sooner rather than later...big benefit to winter/summer splitting or are all season okay? I come from sedans and minivans in the past, so this is my first truck...boy was it fun this past winter even with eh tires.

I am excited to hear from some fellow ext drivers, pick up a lot of information, hopefully able to pass on some knowledge and grow the community.
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I had to replace my rear shocks as well, same year. I went with the Monroes. You can find them on Amazon for around 210-220. Pretty straight forward replacement.
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