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An Update: The Bosch MAF I put in stopped the misfiring on a cold start. Now, I need to change my sparkplugs as it idles a little rough (It's due for a change anyways as it was last changed at 100k miles). I really appreciate everyone's help! Thank you! I'm definitely avoiding carquest.
Bosch should be the original equipment sensor. Any difference in the inside diameter of any two MAF sensors spec'd for the car will yield a slight difference in tune as a result of the effect of intake air velocity over the sensor. Narrower than stock will make it run a little richer and larger will make it run leaner.

Traction control errors can be triggered by MAF and fueling irregularities. This happened to a family members 3.6L that had the in tank fuel pump outlet elbow leak, also known to happen to the CTS. Sniff around the right rear of the car for the smell of gasoline fumes just in case.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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