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New guy with NEW '07 ESV...

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I picked up my first Caddy from the dealer the other day...

It's a brand new/never titled '07 ESV. No options (except for the sunroof I guess) and the dealer installed an Eclipse navi head unit and Vizualogic dual-DVD headrest monitors. Cashmere interior (which I preferred over the black anyway) and fixed running boards and dinky tires might have been part of the reason why it sat on their floor for almost 800 days!!! I don't like talking price specifics, but I stole it. Might have helped that I'm looking real hard at a '09 CTS-V too (took my salesman out for a 120+ MPH white knuckle test ride).

Usually I'm a Ford truck guy, and as much as I like the Navigator (had a clean '03 before) they are WAY down on power compared to the Caddy, and I need to tow. The ESV is replacing my diesel Ford Excursion, which would tow circles around it. Sounds like the ESV has no problems with reasonable towing loads, but the X had a built (600 RWHP, almost 900 torque) motor. But it was getting long in the tooth, in more ways than one, and the leaf spring suspension, the smell and noise were getting old; not so much to me but my passengers, so the opportunity presented itself to sell the X and get the ESV...

I mod everything, like down to my garden tractor, so I ain't staying stock for long. Tint's almost done (the mobile tint guy actually ran out of tint) but it's gonna be sick; 35% windshield, 5% fronts and the rest...0%. Tail lights will get tinted too and I'm trying to talk one of my body shop buds into doing the "Joey" mod and blacking out the headlights. I'd do it myself, but would no doubt completely hose it up so no thanks...

Rear view camera, Bluetooth, iPod and Sirius go in on Monday. The head unit already has an in-motion bypass which is nice, just need to tie in the headrests with the head unit and I'll be good to go...

I have a short tow trip coming up which will dictate the rest of my modding (motor/suspension/brakes). I'd love to do a Kelderman air-ride install, Maggie and water-meth injection the motor, and a big-brake kit, but I'll stick to bolt-on's (CAI/cat-back/tuner) for now to hold me over. Wheels (22s) are the next must do, and I'm waffling between some Caddy take-offs (they're all over the place, eBay, craigslist, etc.; my dealer just had 24 sets stolen the other weekend) and maybe the Giovanna Dalar, matte black and maybe pop on the red trim ring every now and then...

Definitely liking the murdered look...with a little bit of contrast (calipers, etc.).

Babysteps for now though.

Looking forward to learning a lot while I'm here, sure have already.

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:welcome5: to the forums Matty. Congratulation on the new Lade. We're glad you signed up. :)
Welcome to the Forum, congrats on your new truck. :)
Thanks for the welcome, not so sure my bride is going to appreciate all the (expensive) info that I'm picking up here though... :shhh:
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