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New Guy with a Big Blue 1992 Sedan Deville Caddy That's Fly!!

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Hello, Everyone!

I came across this forum while doing some research for my Big Blue (the name of my Caddy).

I got Big Blue about a year ago for $1900 with only 67000 original miles on it. The gentleman that I bought it from was going to give it to a niece that was getting ready to go to college but his wife basically said, "No way...we're selling the Caddy!" The gentleman said that he had kept the Caddy in a garage when his father passed away (the father was the original owner) and it sat there for about two years. His father only drove the car mostly on Sundays and when they (him and his wife) would go out for a night on the town. When I first did a test drive, I fell in love with it! The body had no dents in it and other than the interior headliner needing to be done (I have not done it yet) and some transmission work, I was off and running! Even the cassette player and speakers (all stock) still work!! I'm of course looking to replace the cassette player with a CD/Cassette/MP3 Player (right now I've been using a tape adapter to play CD's from a portable CD Player and the same for my mp3 player...I still play cassettes as well) but I don't know if I have a 1.5 din or a 2 din. I have the "symphony sound" radio. I'm also trying to figure what speakers are in Big Blue. I can see six speakers: the rear deck seems to be 6x9's, the front doors 5 1/4 or 6 1/2's, and the front dash either just a tweeter or 4x6's. That's my best guess so far. I even still have the original exhaust on it as well. I'd like to put dual exhaust on it (my best example would be like the older Cameros what had the same exhaust setup but was one muffler with a pipe left and right having two pipes). When I took Big Blue to get the brake pads changed six months later, the pads were the original pads that came with the car...they had never been changed!!! (Yes, it was verified!) Gotta love that Cadillac quality!

Big Blue is light blue on the outside and a smooth blue on the inside. The leather and dash has no cracks, rips, or tears at all! Obiviously, I had to do a little cleaning to the carpet and the front floor mats need to be replaced. The 4.9 Liter V-8 is still running like a champ with no problems so far!!

While I was at work one day, an unknown driver hit my passenger front side while Big Blue was parked and put a good sized dent in my right side front bumper. With the impact, the perfect grill was cracked as well. Basically, I'm probably going to have to get another complete front end. My perfect window also got cracked as well. The good thing is that I can still drive it and all of the lights still work including the fogs and blinkers as well! I'm working on my power antenna right now as it was working but then the moter keep running and the antenna stayed up making me have to get another battery. I just disconnected the power to stop it.

I love my Big Blue and when I get some funds I'ma put some work in it to do the radio, speakers, power antenna, headliner, exhaust, window, and the front end. I'm also looking to get Big Blue repainted.

I'll post some pics up when I can!

Sorry for the long post but it was my way of introducing myself. I'm in Fort Worth, Texas!

Big Blue Caddy
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