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new guy-old problems

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Hello,well ive owned my 97 catera for 4 years and have had some probs,i am lucky that the caddy dealer i take her to are good people,they have a catera guy there that works magic and gives free tips on pnone when i call,any way,the latest prob was not starting but would run with foot pedal,was told to tap on intake manifold sensor switch located on top right of intake,i did that and presto,it runs fine,was told it has a habit of sticking.
I had this car for about a week and was fueling up at a local gas staion when the guy next to me said "i had a catera and the motor locked up on me",instant red flag.called dealer and yep,there was a recall on something to do with water pump cam,anyway,mine locked up on me so bad that the valves were bent in the heads,$6000 ticket at shop,and a week of down time,luckly it was campain work so all i had to do was sign my name.
Have had probs from doors locks sticking to sun roof opening on its own,to heated seats not working,this would not be a prob if i didnt live in illinois now.Now my current prob is water coolant valve,this is the second time it has leaked or went bad on me,was replaced o 03' and is now pissing on my driveway again,if you have had to buy this dextron coolant,it isnt cheap,and i go through alot.A buddy of mine owns a shop and said that dextron is in court now for causing problems and said they make a coolant that is for all colors and is cheaper.will stop babbling now.......
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ok you say you leak alot of coolant is it coming from the back of the engine area if so I would fix the problem instead of adding more coolant any ways if it is at the back of the engine it is your heater control valve this is a easy fix and pretty cheap to do.
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