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2006 STS-V Black Raven/Ebony
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I have made a few posts and threads around here for the last few months, but now that I'm cooped up at home, I'm hoping to better utilize this great tool. I'd first like to thank everyone who comes here for the purpose of helping fellow Cadillac owners with troubles, and generally advancing their knowledge.

I'm from Mid-Michigan, and I have wanted an STS-V since they came out back in '06. Didn't think I'd get the chance to find one since life always seems to get in the way, but I picked one up locally last September for a pretty good deal. I'm coming from a long line of Ford products (go ahead, show me the hate) and finally found the limits of performance on my second-gen Lincoln LS.

2006 STS-V Black Raven/Ebony, 75k miles with no rust, but obviously was in some sort of front-end impact. It was done up fairly well by a body shop somewhere, but left a few things to clean up. Mainly, a lot of the aero plastics underneath are missing, as well as the driver side brake cooling duct, etc. I have begun to go through it in my spare time and bring it back to its former glory.

Anyway, I have always had (and likely always will) have a passion for the V-Series line. My next dream is an XLR-V or second gen CTS-V, just waiting for a little more depreciation. I'm looking forward to getting (and giving) some helpful advice on here in the years to come. Thanks!

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