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My first Caddy,2007 CTS,just bought used-- one owner--- 56K miles ,always in CA looks garage kept,super clean all over. Been a GM man all my life, my ONLY new car was my 71 LT1 Vette, way back when I was a single man! Have been using BUICKS for past 30 years, all FWD Regals with -without supercharging etc. My first RWD in a long time.

Quick question, is it ok to drive with TC OFF? Forget how good RWD feels.

Whats up with the sealed up tranny? How do you know how/ when tranny fluid was changed, can't even check the color.

Thanks Z

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Welcome aboard Zaystev.

It sure feels good to get back into RWD cars my CTS was my return to RWD and I said to myself no more FWD for me it's RWD from here on

No it's not a problem to do so, as long as you expect it to be off you'll anticipate slides and what not and act accordingly. Just keep in mind for safety it'll go back on next key cycle if you don't turn it back on yourself.
To make you're life easy you have two options, either program the T/C button into the radio or program it into the preset buttons on the left of the steering wheel (anyone of the 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons) I use button 4 as that's the same spot where in the V the T/C button is.

As for the trans. 2 scenarios. Either your trans pan has a drain plug or it doesn't.
If it does have one at the bottom of the pan you can sample the fluid there.
If it doesn't, the only way is to open the fill plug and take some fluid through a suction pump out of there.

The problem is the original fluid was a Texaco ATF no longer produced it's brown in color it's hard to tell if it's burnt or not.

You'll have to drain the the fluid by dropping the pan, change the filter and pan gasket and pump back in some fresh Dexron VI do not use anything but Dexron VI.

BTW in the radio if you flip through the information, you will see trans life. The tech or driver has to reset the trans fluid life meter when trans fluid is changed. But seeing that it's a 2007 with 56K miles my guess it's still running the Texaco factory fill.

You're trans fluid life is now probably at 70%. Here I'll copy paste the proper trans fluid procedure I posted in another thread below, good luck.

- Shut off the engine
- Raise car on four jack stands and make sure it's level use a level stick
- Remove the fill plug in order not to drain the trans before you make sure you can fill it.
You'll need a T-45 torx bit.
If not accessing from under directly use a flexible extension, if you use a regular extension, then the bit will not be centered, due to the tunnel insulation and exhaust piping getting in the way and you will that way strip the draing plug head without a flexible extension...ask me how I know.
- Replace filter with new filter
- Replace pan gasket with new pan gasket
- Install pan and re-torque pan bolts to 97 lb.inches or 11 Neuton.Meters
- Pump new trans fluid through the fill hole till the fluid drips out of the fill hole
- First time the trans will take less than 5 quarts usually.
- Temporarily close the fill hole
- Turn the engine on while the car is on jack stands
- While your foot is on the brake pedal move the shift lever through all positions while pausing a few seconds at each position then return the shift lever to park and leave the engine running
- Remove the drain plug
- Pump transmission fluid in till the fluid drips out again (typically the trans at this point will accept 0.5 to 1 quart more)
- Replace the drain plug and tighten to 15 lb.ft or 20 Nueton.Meters
- Shut off the engine.
- Lower the vehicle
- Take for a test drive and make sure transmission shifts normally
- Return from test drive and check for leaks
- Done

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07' CTS-V | 07' Lux 3.6 Volant-Borla-Vsways | 08' CTS 3.6 DI Performance
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Well just make sure you're trans guy know that it'll take another quart almost after the engine is turned on and the shifter has cycled through the positions many people and techs I have seen assume that this is like a diff you just fill it up once and you're done.
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these cars on the road are running a quart low due to this reason.
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