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new guy here....

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........ just picked up an 07 CTS yesterday... waiting to recoop some funds before I start addin toys... it is a lease tho... :thumbsup:
So far plannin on blk billet grill.. blk 20's.. blk taillights and 20% tint...

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welcome!!!! can u tint on a lease??? this place is very helpful thought i let u know
:welcome: Very nice CTS. :thumbsup: I hope you don't mind I posted your pic. :D
Hi new guy. Welcome! You picked a slow night for it... You'll get more welcomes tomorrow, I'll bet.

Damn I didnt notice this thread got posted.. I posted a more informative FNG thread like 2 seconds ago.. haha ...

Yeah u can tint a lease... sales guy said I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as it doesnt involve cutting... which ive already been thru once on a lease :thumbsup:
Avatars n quotes below it? .... Need a post count before I can modify em?
You get stock avatars. You can post your own and have a sig if you become a supporting member.
and if you have questions, the CTS forum is very helpful

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:welcome5: New Guy.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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