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New Guy from New York City

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Hi, I'm Dave. Just wanted to introduce myself. I got my first Caddy a couple of months ago. It is a 2001 Deville, since I have been driving it I will not drive anything else but a Caddy. I am hooked.

I know this question has been asked before. But, I was told that my OnStar System will no longer work in 08'. I was told I could buy the digital OnStar for $200 at a Caddy dealer and that would be all I need to do...the people at my local Caddy dealer said this would be the case.

I have read conflicting things about this and I am just wondering if there is more to the $200 upgrade from the analog to the digital on an 01 Deville.

Anyhow, I am glad I found this forum.:thumbsup:
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Hi Dave and :welcome5: to the forum!! Pics of your car??? (Oh, and there are several posts about the digital OnStar upgrade; try searching the forum.)
Hi, thanks...I will search the forum about OnStar.

As for pics, I have not taken any yet. Since the season changed there is on pollen the car. As soon as I get it to the carwash, I will take pics of it.

Fellow city (well queens) dweller here!
Welcome!! Please post picts of your divvy!
IAG, again.

:welcome: and congratulations on the new Cadi.
Had to remove until I can edit my pics to remove plate number(s). Please delete post for now. Thanks.
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