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new fuel pump with labor for $650?

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I was driving my '95 STS yesterday and she was running fine, I shut her down for about 20 minutes or so than got back in and took off....started out just fine but once I started to accelerate after the first stop sign I hit she had nothing at all, it was like I ran out of gas...burble,burble,burble.....burbled over to the side of the road and had her towed to the local shop where my family has been taking their vehicles for years...The mechanic said it was the in fact the fuel pump and it would cost about $650 to fix! Is that reasonable or flat out ridiculous?

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i think that is a good price.

i believe that the fuel pump is in the gas tank., so they have to drop the tank to get at it.
i have not had my caddy redone, but i had my gmc yukon done about 3 months ago..
1100.00 at the dealer to replace the fuel pump.

not cheap.
The pump on my 2000 STS went last year, and that is accessed through the trunk. The dealer also charged near $700 for it. Mine was covered by my aftermarket warranty, but that's still a lot! The pump alone was near $400!
accessed through the trunk...., so , does that mean they did not have to drop the fuel tank ?

if so, then I think they are charging too much.
which is typical for a dealer of course.

i wonder if my 1997 eldorado can be accessed through the trunk, or if you have to drop the fuel tank ????
Yeah, there's an access panel under the trunk carpeting that allows access to the fuel pump through the trunk. I'm not sure what models, years of Cadillacs had that.
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