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1968 DeVille Convertible, 1976 Fleetwood Brougham, 1996 Fleetwood Brougham, '08 DTS
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Hello Cadillac Forum Members!
I joined the Cadillac Forum to learn more about new & old Cadillacs, find Cadillac resources and, hopefully, share what little knowledge I have. I am based in the Philadelphia PA suburbs (Go Eagles!). I have ridden in, driven and/or owned Cadillacs since I was 3 years old. I currently own four Cadillacs:
  • 1968 DeVille Convertible (my first classic car purchase, from which I am STILL learning). She's a nice looking 10 footer with original engine, drive train & body that runs great, but an older paint job & body work is due for a refresh.
  • 1976 Fleetwood Brougham. Firethorn with white vinyl top & white leather interior. 95% original, currently with 36,000 miles. Received a HPOF Original designation at AACA Eastern Fall Meet in Hershey last year. This is my favorite, since my father owned one nearly identical. I learned to drive with Dad's Fleetwood (but took the test in a '79 Seville... much easier to park!), drove it in high school and it was technically my "first car".
  • 1996 Fleetwood Brougham, all original with 16,000 miles; Calypso Green with tan leather interior.
  • 2008 DTS (a regular driver with 109,000 miles and still going strong. This was my father's last Cadillac before he had to stop driving.
I am also a member of the Cadillac LaSalle Club (CLC), a certified judge with the Club and member of CLC's Valley Forge Region (VFR). CLC is a tremendous resource for technical, authenticity, restoration & maintenance information on modern as well as classic & antique Cadillacs & LaSalles, and offers fellowship among Cadillac enthusiasts from all over the world. They're a friendly group, locally, nationally and internationally. If anyone has questions about the club, feel free to message me. More information can be found at Local chapter information for the Philadelphia area can be found at

Some upcoming local and national events:
  • VFR is hosting its annual Fall meet on Sunday September 22 at Peddler's Village in Lahaska PA. All GM makes are welcome. Non-members are welcome to stop by, see the cars and learn more about VFR. Details at the VFR website above.
  • CLC Museum & Research Center (CLCMRC) annual Fall Festival is September 26-29 at the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, MI. Judged show is Saturday Sept 28. This is an opportunity to see some truly concours-quality Cadillacs & LaSalles! I judged at their concours event last year and was amazed by the caliber of cars on display. Details can be found at
  • The Raritan River Region (RRR) is hosting its annual Dealer Show at Gold Coast Cadillac, 2123 Highway 35, Oakhurst, NJ on Sunday October 6th. All makes are welcome. Showing/ displaying a car is limited to CLC members, but anyone can come to admire the cars and learn more about CLC. Details and a registration flyer can be found at
  • VFR is hosting the 2019 National Driving Tour, October 21-27, based in Gettysburg PA. It is a week of excursions to various historical sites, car museums and social activities in Central PA. It is open to CLC members only, but it's quick and easy to join the club if you're interested in registering for the event. Details at the CLC national website.
Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and share information about the Cadillac LaSalle Club. I look forward to the discussions on the Forum.
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