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New Differential.... How long before i can go on the dyno

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Had a new 06 differential stuck in my 04 last week. Just wondering how long/miles should i wait before i put it back on the dyno. Thanks. :)
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500 miles, but I am on number 4 and I have followed the "procedure" and the bitch still wines like steve spurrier, so I dont think it makes a difference.
I was looking at my service sheet, and saw just the differential, a vent kit and gear oil..... I did not see limited slip additive. I wonder if the dealer was out of it, or if this is the new procedure? The mechanic said it was synthetic gear oil. Would this have an effect on the differentials break-in?

On another note... I can't believe your on number four.. I thought the 2006+ diffs. were new an improved. I can say one thing about the replacement i got.. The driveshaft L/R slop is alot less compared to my original 04 differential.
I'd give it 1000 miles, but not for any specfic reason other than just some time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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