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New DeVille Owner Suspension Question

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Hello everyone. I just purchased a 2001 Cadillac DeVille base sedan with 35k miles on it. Absolutely flawless vehicle! I love it! It is my first Cadillac. I never thought I would ever own such a big, beautiful, and luxurious machine with a wonderful powertrain.

Here is a pic of my new ride:

Although I am an auto enthusiast, this is my first ever exposure to such a gentleman's car. I've always dwell in the sportscars and sportier Cadillac's such as the STS, CTS, and XLR's. So, I know next to nothing about the DeVille except what I have read here so far.

I noticed that my DeVille has very little body roll. It has some but not as much as I thought it would considering its pillow soft ride. I test drove a Mercury Grand Marquis back to back with the DeVille and the Cadillac had a much smoother ride. The Merc felt a bit more stiffer but had way more body roll. How can that be?

My question is: does my '01 DeVille base sedan have some sort of road leveling suspension that keeps the car level and controls body roll? If so how does it work?

Thanks all.
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I believe the answer to your question is: yes and no. Yes it has a load levelling suspension, but no I don't think that system has any signficant impact on controlling body roll. The level ride system has been around a long time and is essentially air-shocks on the rear wheels hooked up to a small air compressor. There is a mechanical linkage that measures the relative position of the rear of the car. If the rear is too low it fires up the compressor and raises it, if the rear is too high it bleeds off air. Body roll is mainly controlled by the sway bars; I would guess the difference you noticed between your SDV and the Grand Marq is due to wimpier sway bars on the Ford that don't control body roll as well. If your DeVille has a variant of the road sensing suspension it may also contribute to controlling roll by adjusting the front shock valving but I don't know the last gen DeVilles very well. Ranger will probably come by and straighten this out since he's got a newer DeVille.
Thanks all.

I didn't think my base Sedan had some sort of body roll compensating feature as it is not even a DHS nor DTS. However, it just boggles my mind how well it controlls body roll while still maintaining such an incredibly smooth ride. In fact, this was one of my deciding factors in choosing my DeVille over the Mercury Grand Marquis. The Merc was newer and had a ride that was NEAR that of the DeVille. But it just rolled way too much. The DeVille continuous to surprise me at its roll control. Then there's that powertrain. Ford's SOHC 4.6 and autobox simply does NOT compare against the N* V8 and excellent shift programming of GM's autobox. The sound of the Cadillac V8 alone was enough to win me over.

Anyway, the car is flawless. The previous owners must have only driven it to the golf course and grocery store. Even then, they must have parked it away from the crowds because it has not a single door ding in it! I'm almost afraid to drive it to the local shopping mall! My co-workers are all salivating over the car wanting to go for a ride. I keep telling them it's a Pre-Owned car and it's NOT new but all they keep saying is: Cadillac...Cadillac...Cadillac! :)

I can't wait to take this car on an extended road trip.
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I wish you many trouble free motoring miles. (Very nice looking car by the way).
Thank you.

I had the dealer include a 24 mo/24k mile GM Bumper-Bumper Warranty on it for now. I will buy another extended warranty on that later for another 3 years before it expires.
What is the general consensus around here as far as the load leveling suspension on the 2000-2005 DeVilles? What is the mileage/time frame at which they will require replacement?

I was looking at the Arnott Inc. website for replacement shocks/air shocks.

It looks like about $1k to replace all four.

What about the durability and reliability of the air pump and its hoses?

Thanks for all the help.
The rear shocks in my 1990 lasted >100,000 miles. I have not seen a complaint of compressor failure here yet and only the occassional line problem.
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