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New CTS Owner!!!!

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Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums for a bit because I've wanted a CTS for so long. I "had" an 03 Acura TL type S but the time finally came for that car as I've been having alot of problems with it up at school (I got to Syracuse), and I decided to lease an 07 CTS. The incentives were too good to pass off right now. So I was just looking for insight to see if I got a good deal (I think I did alright with it). I got a 2007 3.6L Black on Tan CTS with auto trans, the luxury package and they threw in the a BOSE sound system upgrade (MSRP a little over $39k). I got this all for $324/mo for 39 months with $4,000 down. How'd I make out?
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:welcome5: to the forum. Sounds like you got a great deal. Enjoy your new ride!
welcome to the forum, you may not want to do too many mods to your car since it's a lease, but this forum is still a lot of fun and a great source of info. use the search feature and also check out reed's faq:
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You made out very well since you bought a CTS! :yup:
:welcome: :bouncy: :D to the Board!
Booya! Another CTS member. Welcome

How would you compare the CTS 3.6L to your Acura in terms of acceleration?
start a fund for modding right away!! :banghead: There is no escaping the rush!!

Welcome to the forum.
Thanks guys...I've got a bit put away for mods already, I'm prolly gonna start with tints and rims and go from there. I'll put in the system from my acura (2 JL audio 12w7's and JL 1000/1 amp and I'll prolly use the JL audio cleansweep since the car is a lease. Speaking of that, does anyone think I'd have a problem adding an intake or HID's seeing that I'm on a lease?

How would you compare the CTS 3.6L to your Acura in terms of acceleration?
I'd say that my TL had better acceleration in the 3500+ rpm range, mainly due to the V-Tech that the acura's have...but I think that under 3500 rpm the cts wins! Maybe it's just because of the RWD versus FWD but the CTS feels just a tad quicker off the line.
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