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There are plenty of posts on here about what grill to get, who is willing to drop loot on a STRUT or ASANTI grill and why not just get the cheap-o E & G grill.
I don't care what grill you have, if it is Chrome or Polished Stainless Steel your plastic handles don't match. Everyone knows that chromed plastic does not match Chrome plated billet aluminum. We have the answer to your woes... the first after market billet handle that will fit any 2007+ GM truck or SUV!

Who are we you ask? IAG manufactures High-end vehicle styling accessories (grilles, billet exterior enhancements, billet interior enhancements). Our products are the highest quality on the market because our team has years of experience with manufacturing accessories for dealerships. We know what it takes to keep you - their customers, satisfied!
Hummer accessories have been our main focus for years and now we are working to bring you the most INNOVATIVE designs for your other vehicles. You haven't seen anything unique from the 20+ grill manufactures yet, our industry leading designs are guaranteed to suit your eclectic tastes!
IAG products are designed to create an exclusive image, differentiating from the masses. Stand above the crowd with our unique designs!

Check out our website, we have lots of new products coming out before SEMA. If you don't see what you are looking for now come back soon and take a look around.
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