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New Canadian

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Hey Everyone, my parents just picked up an 04' CTS, black loaded sunroof etc. I don’t think there's a need for a pic, its stock looking we all know what a black CTS looks like :)

My name is Mike i'll be searching whenever needed, I'm an owner of a modded Nissan 240sx been using forums since 2001 so I know to search before asking a stupid question.

I’m interested in learning more about this great car.

They bought it last Thursday and I really like it so far, and enjoy driving with style, definitely a different ride from my own.

I'm now a Gentleman :thumbsup:
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Hi Mike and :welcome5: to the forum!! :lesley: Be sure to check out the CTS board for a lot of great info.
Welcome Mike!!

My Fellow Canadian

Enjoy your great new ride.:thumbsup:

Best Regards,

Welcome to the forums!!
Welcome! What province are you from? I'm half Newfoundlander myself.:lesley:
welcome this place is helpful and awesome..!!!
Thanks guys you make me feel soo welcome :)

Im from Brantford Ontario .. Home of the great one!

I have already searched that CTS forum and will continue to check in regularly
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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