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Hi, Hello people.. i am a new and proud owner of a 1997 cadillac eldorado. I purchased this car which had 130K miles on it, but is very clean. I recently rerplaced all brake lines, installed new coolant hose, and put new coolant liquid in. It drives great. How many years can this car live with me? i want to replace the transmission fluid, but how can i do so. how many quartz do i need. I also want to replace the fuel filter, how can i do that? can you please help me? thank you..
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it all depends on how well it was taken care of before you bought it. One of the other guys on here recommend getting a service manual. That would be your best bet. Get familiar with the car before you go to town on it with vice grips and channel locks :D
Let me be the first to say
to the family and the forum. As for all of your other questions, I will let the others on the board help you because they know alot about the cars and they'll be able to help you more than I could. Anyway, welcome.
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:welcome: to the forums. A complete filter and fluid change will need about 15 quarts I think. the fuel filter should be located under the drivers side of the car along the side frame rail. A service manual as suggested above is a good bet. check here to buy one
:welcome:I think when I did my trans service this spring I used 12 or 13 qts. Remember, after you drop the pan, there is a drain plug in there for the side cover. Be sure to drain that. There is no filter that you can get at. Just two fine screens that are usually clean. Just rinse them if needed and reinstall. The gasket is reusable as well.

As mentioned a set of FSM's will be worth it's weight in gold.

Did you add the cooling system suppliment (sealant tabs) when you did the coolant?

Keep the cooling system maintained and change the oil per the OLM and it can last a long long time. I know of some that are over 300K and several over 200K.

Also read the Technical Archives in the upper left corner of this page.
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