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Does anyone know the sequence or stages and time lapse from placing an order with a dealer to delivery of a 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe 2.0T RWD.

I heard there were ordering phases and build priorities.

When you order a new Mercedes or BMW you can track your car on line from order, to build, to putting on the boat, to crossing the Alantic, to car carrier to dealer. Even Chryler has a
less elaborate system.

Cadillac's system of a dealer update every weeks does not make the grade in the high tech age.


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If your dealer won't update you anytime you ask, the Cadillac customer reps on the forums will. Its a shame that GM killed a 3rd party tracking site for their vehicle orders. The site used the same APIs the dealer tools did. Eventually the creators who claim to have done it just out of frustration of having to beg their dealer for updates asked to be compensated for the bandwidth, etc costs but GM pulled the plug on the APIs at the same time for what I believe was complaints from dealers unhappy about either customers finding out they were dragging their feet on orders or missing out on the forced relationship with a dealer to get any status. Sort of a Stockholm syndrome thing.

It's inconceivable to me in this day and age that any manufacturer doesn't provide a tracking system for customers. But I suppose they actually do. They just don't think of us a customers. Only dealers are customers. For whatever reason, GM pulled the plug on a tracking system provided by a 3rd party so they can't blame it on it being too expensive for them to provide a way.

GM definitely does not care much if any about special orders. And I wouldn't care if dealers handled them well but some don't. So the dealer who places an order for you is key.

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found these GM production codes. dont know how old they are or if they are still in use:

1101 Order Entered into System
1102 Order Entered via Web
2000 Order Accepted by GM
2001 Order Generated to Dealer
2005 Order Replaced with GM Prospec Order
2030 Order Edited by GM
2500 Order Preferenced, Sent to Production
3000 Order Accepted by Production Control
3100 Order Available to Sequence
3300 Order Selected, Scheduled for Production by Assembly Plant *
3400 Order Broadcasted for Production, loaded on assembly plant computers
3800 Vehicle Produced, VIN is available
4000 Vehicle Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice Created
4106 Bailment Released
4150 Vehicle Invoiced
4200 Vehicle Shipped
4300 Intermediate Delivery
4V03 Estimated Delivery Date
4B00 Bayed, vehicle is waiting on transportaion or pulled for quality control
4800 Rail Ramp Unload, vehicle at rr destination to await truck transport to dealer
5000 Vehicle Delivered to Dealer
6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer
9000 Order Cancelled
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