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New Brake Rotors — 91 DeVille

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I need to replace the front brake rotors and pads on my 91 DeVille. How hard a job is this for a reasonably competent do-it-yourself-er? Are there any stumbling blocks to look out for when doing the job?
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Its not really that hard. The rear brakes may need a speacial tool that you can get at most auto parts stores. Its a brake cube, you use it to screw in the pistons on the rear calipers rather than compressing them. You can use needle nose pliars as well. If the pistons have a flat surface rather than the noched surface that you would use the cube on then you can compress them. Other than that its really easy, just bleed the brakes and press and release the emergency brake when your done (this adjusts the pistons in the rear calipers).
Not really, just your standard operation. A lot of times you would want to put a brake silencer on the back of the new pads when you put them on the caliper, I wonder if it's needed though because I was out of the stuff last time I did mine and I haven't heard a peep out of them. Just keep the master cylender full throughout the job so you don't need to bleed all four brakes. IMHO disk brakes are a lot easier to do than drums (not as many parts). If you are compressing the piston with a C-clamp, open the bleeder and compress it before you take anything off. It just decreases the chances of you making the piston go cooked and get jammed.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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