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After years of demand, we finally are debuting our ATS coupe/sedan splitter kits (front & sides) for all Cadillac ATS base models

Made in America right here in Rockledge, Florida! The Savage Cadillac ATS Splitters perfectly fit & follow every body-line of your ATS's undercarriage. Furthermore, just like Savage’s popular Cadillac CTS Splitters, the ATS versions add sharp dramatic contour with aggressive savage styling. All the while, providing needed aerodynamic downforce for those owners with tuned/bolt-on ATS's that are pushing higher than stock horsepower (we suggest reinforcement struts for the front splitters when under excessive top-end speed, which are also available on our website).

So, no more cheap flimsy unflattering splitters for your ATS! It's time your ATS gets upgraded with premiere high quality splitters that completely alter the look & the attitude of your ATS--- you only get that with, Official Savage Cadillac Splitters!
(These splitters exclude the ATS-V)

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