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Hopefully that clears the problem and a misfiring cylinder will definitely set those codes. For a short time during early Z06 production, it was common with the C7 generation of the Corvette to have a plug lead pop loose in the first few hundred miles scaring a bunch of new owners that their car had suffered a severe failure given the warning lights and rough running engine.

Your shop is doing the right thing by also replacing the plugs because a damaged plug, either leaky due to carbon fouling or open due to wear or failure, can lead to failure of the associated coil pack. At the very least, always replace the plug associated with a failed pack while also closely checking the plug lead, and in most cases it makes sense to replace all of the plugs unless recent replacement has already occurred. Cadillac updated the ECM software for the 2.0T early in ATS production and at the same time switched to a lower temperature range for the ATS plugs; your shop should have the correct information but the specs listed in the owner's manual are probably for the older incorrect plug that was part of what led to piston and ring damage in some 2.0T engines.

I’m also out of warranty, my TC lights are on, engine light is blinking, the car is running rough on idle, jerking when I accelerate and especially jerky when I brake. I was told to unhook the battery for a minute and reconnect but no luck. The lights come back on after a few minutes. I’ve read this entire thread and it seems that the pistons are the most likely cause of this. How much does it normally cost to replace a piston?
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