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Good day!

My parents were in the market for a new car after selling their 2005 Grand Prix GT. While they considered getting a cross over for its practicality, the decided against it for a number of reasons. Mostly because they wanted something sporty and not a 'family hauler'.

Dad and I decided to the Canadian International Auto Show back in February to do some shopping. The beauty of the car show is you can compare so many vehicles back to back, we sat in dozens of cars ranging from Audi to Mercedes. They decided there were two that made their short list. CLA45 AMG and ATS4 3.6. However that ATS came on top for many reasons, most of which were financial as they had GM Visa points (not sure if you guys remember those or not) as well as my Grand father worked for the motors for many years.

In April they placed an order for a black on black 2015 ATS Coupe with AWD and the 3.6 V6. Finally this weekend they picked it up, and here she is after I had washed and waxed it the night they picked it up. (Yeah I am a bit anal with paint) Hahaha.

There were some issues however, the car has some damage on the rear end that we noticed prior to picking up the car. It seems as if someone backed the car into something and some how it was missed during the PDI.
This will be dealt with in the coming week as the car is going back to have the bumper repaired if not replaced.

Hopefully this car brings them many years of happy driving :)



Sorry.. Double post :(

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